Tuesday, October 18, 2011

falling for fall

It's supposed to get down to 43º F (6º C) tonight and highs of 70º F (21º C) today and tomorrow.  Fall has finally arrived!  So I spruced up the house a bit to get into the spirit.   

Our front door has come a long way.  It was originally a brownish/maroon color and I hated it.  We had the exterior of the house repainted back in June and it made a difference.  This was our front door before it was painted a good coat of black paint (sorry, this was like two years ago).

And here it is today.

I pulled out our fall wreath about a month ago.  Paul installed the door protector after the door was painted and it's one of those things, you either like it or you don't.  I think it gives it some character.  I really want to change that light fixture and maybe change out the door knobs.  And the bench from Jerry nicely displays our pumpkins.  The yellow one was actually from Paul's parents' backyard. 

I just bought these mums on Sunday.  We had hydrangeas in those pots during the summer and like most plants here in Dallas, they didn't stand the heat.  I swear I watered them every other day.  I blame it on us going on vacation.  These mums should last the rest of the season and it's low maintenance too.  But we'll see how long they last!  Oh and that scarecrow came with it.  Bonus! 

I just got this mat yesterday at Ross.  It didn't have a tag so they just gave it to me for $5.99!  Our old one was completely faded.  It's amazing what changing a mat can do. 

And here's my supervisor, watching my every move.  She's a little nosy.  Notice how she was also in the first picture?  Some things never change. 

I revamped our console table too.  So far, here's how it looks. 

I'm not sure how I feel about it yet.  It's a little cluttered.  I may remove a few things and move some stuff around.  Paul is convinced that the orchid is still alive, so it's still sitting there from last year.  I adore orchids, I'm just not very good at taking care of them (yes, I'm a plant killer and I'm not proud of it).  I filled a hurricane vase with candy-corn and ate one while I was at it.  I don't think I like them, so I didn't feel too bad wasting candy.  And that precious owl was also from Ross.  He's perfect for Halloween, and can also be displayed throughout the year.  I think I'll go ahead and call him Ross!
Have you done any fall decorating in your home lately?  Halloween is less than two weeks away!


  1. Temperatures in Celsius please for those of us who don't live in the medieval ages, AKA the rest of the world. ;)

    My fall changes have been
    a) Order pumpkin spice coffees
    b) Wear a running hat

    And it's STILL more expensive than redecorating in Texas.


  2. Added Celsius just for you! I hope they're correct. How do I include the degrees sign? Do I need to use html? Help! Ok, definitely added the pumpkin spice frappucino to my list. wearing a running hat ey? Umm i have a dri-fit hat that i wear running. Is that it? Keeps my sweat on my head and my bangs off my face.


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