Wednesday, November 23, 2011

how studly

Here are the newest additions to our formal living room.  We bought the couch at Weir's.  I'm not really big on leather sofas, but Paul really liked this one and it's not as bulky as most leather sofas, so I thought this was a good compromise.  He actually wants to move this in the family room and get rid of the ones we already have.  Not going to happen!  And those pillows are temporary.  They came with our other couches and they're just - blah. 

I bought the rug at Joss & Main and I must admit that I bought it out of impulse.  I've been looking for this pattern for a while, after seeing a similar rug in Jon and Sherry's guest room.  This was pretty close to it, except I think theirs was a little thicker.  This one doesn't really lay flat on the floor.  And I knew we should have gotten the 6 x 9 instead of the 5 x 8.  I want it big enough so there's no gap between the chairs and the coffee table.  But for now, it will do.  I love the pop of color that it brings to the room, since most of our furniture is dark.  It looks a little yellow here, but it's actually a light green.  I might replace it with a bigger rug and move this one to the future baby's room (whenever that will be). 

And now, the star of the show - our new accent chairs. 

We got these custom made at The Leather Sofa Co.  The style is called the Hemingway.  This was definitely a splurge, but we like to think they were a good investment (they better be).  Our first mistake was walking into that store because we both fell in love with it.  The original leather that we saw in the showroom was a little lighter than this one, but it was one of their expensive leathers, so we went for a darker, more affordable leather that would be a good contrast next our couch.  Depending on the lighting, it's got some red tones on it.  During the day, it's more of a chocolate brown, like this. 

We are so mesmerized by them.  Not sure if mesmerized is the right word, but I do stare at our living/dining room area in the morning, and right before I go to bed.  Obsessed!  These chairs are so grand, I can't even touch the ground when I sit on them. 

Go ahead, I'll let you have a minute to get your giggles out.  We didn't expect them to be this big.  The legs are a tad bit taller than the ones on the model that we saw.  Good for Paul, not so much for me.  We've also tried sitting on them to get the cushions to sink in a little.  And it almost feels like you need to smoke a cigar or write a book when you're sitting on them.  Must be why they named it after this guy.  But I think with time, these chairs will only look better!  We will enjoy them for many years to come. 

Oh and for the two other chairs that we bought?  I placed one of them on one corner of the rug for more seating.  I like how you can see the detail on the back of the chair from the hallway. 

I moved the other chair in the family room by the TV (sorry for the poor picture quality).  

Now, all we're waiting for are the chairs for the dining room table.  We might take advantage of the sales this weekend and buy the two head chairs.  We'll see. 

And now I'll leave you with this.  Paul is quite the comedian, that's why I keep him around!

Aissa:  The chairs kind of overpower the couch.  Maybe we should add some studs on it.
Paul:  Okay, I'll sit on it!

True story.  I'll give you another minute to giggle...or shake your head.


  1. I love your coffee table! Where is it from?

    Lindsey Turner

  2. Thanks! I got it from Weir's Furniture here in Dallas for $149.99...such a steal!


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