Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I'm not very big on throwing parties for my birthday.  I like to keep it small with just a dinner with the family.  On my 25th birthday, my sister surprised me with dinner and drinks with our friends, which led to this:

It was awesome!  I had absolutely no idea and I'm still kind of mad that I wasn't dressed for the occassion.  But I'm glad my sister threw the party for me because I would NEVER, EVER plan one for myself.  I owe her one, big time!

This year, is just like any other birthdays.  We had dinner at Whiskey Cake.  They're known for using fresh ingredients every day, and everything's made from scratch.  I also love the industrial/barn-like feel of the interior, from the light fixtures, to their curtains.  Most of the decorations are recycled. 

I shared the night with these special people.

And here are my many facial expressions throughout the night.

[1] Me with my one and only drink (weak)  [2] Me opening presents  [3] Me on my 8th birthday

I'd like to say that my face is quite expressive and can be distorted in every which way.  That is my secret talent actually!

I got some very useful presents this year.  Paul got me the Canon Rebel book that I will probably treat as my bible for a while.  Karina got me my own copy of the Hunger Games Trilogy (I borrowed hers), and these sweet gloves that have sensors on the index finger and thumb so you can use it on your touch screen devices!  Very handy since I'm always cold.  Her bf, Maury bought me this book (he's been reading my blog).  My Mom got me money, and my brother's gift came with my Christmas gift, which was an Amazon gift card.  I've used about 90% of it, and I might share what I got at a later post.  I also got some very sweet and thoughtful cards this year.  I feel so loved!  Oh and yes, I bought myself some red pants!  So excited to wear them!

I hope this year is just as good as the last 27!  So far, it's coming along nicely!

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