Monday, April 9, 2012


My Easter outfit

My sister just got back from her Europe trip and brought us some macarons from Paris.  Fancy and so delicious!  She also got me a scarf, English Tea from London, chocolates and a Gaudi owl figurine from Barcelona.

My Mom enjoying some coffee and a cookie with B.

Some of the food.  We had ribs, chicken, and bratwurst that Paul barbecued, broiled veggies, hash brown casserole, coleslaw, and Strawberry Pretzel Squares for dessert.  I hope to post some of the recipes soon.

My sister took this picture when she was playing with my camera.

Bailey admiring our food from the couch.  Don't feel sorry for her.  My Mom was giving her food.

The ladies.

I was laughing at my Mom's stance here as she was taking our picture.

Paul holding baby Weston.  He is getting so big!

Playing XBox360 with niece Corinne.

It was quite a productive weekend.  Saturday, we worked on the yard (more on that on another post).  We finished off our day with some Thai food, alchoholic beverage and Starbucks (what a combo).  Paul boiled us some eggs on Easter to bring us good luck (a Polish tradition), and spent time with family over good food.  I couldn't have asked for a better weekend!  I hope you all had a good one!


  1. Did I ever say your Easter outfit is adorable? Fashion blog worthy actually! Looks like you have been the hostess of the mostess : ) I really like how you and Paul are embracing both traditions from Poland and Philippines. Does boiling eggs mean something in particular?

    PS baby Weston looks soooo cute.

  2. Thanks, but don't expect an OOTHD (outfit of the day for all you newbs) post anytime soon! Apparently, if you eat a hard-boiled egg on Easter, it brings good luck. Plus, Paul knew that the first thing his Mom would ask is if he boiled some eggs!


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