Thursday, August 30, 2012

ghent, belgium

On our last full day in Belgium, we took the train to the city of Ghent, which I believe is the second largest city in Belgium.  I don't think I mentioned this in my previous entries, but Belgium spoke two main languages.  The city of Louvain is the Dutch-speaking town, while Brussels and Ghent are French-speaking.  Just a little bit of information for ya!

Oh no!  Has anyone seen Harry Potter?  He seemed to have lost his glasses.

We strolled along Graslei, the most scenic part of the City Centre.  We also took a boat tour which gave us some really great views.

Documenting baby's first trip!

The Gravensteen Castle was our next stop.  We were able to climb up to the tower and see a view of the whole city.  From a distance, we could see the St. Nicholas Church and the Belfry Tower.

 I look incredibly small in this picture.  Thanks Teen!  I love how Paul is posing though!

I'm loving all the different shades of green in this picture below!  One important fact that I mustn't forget to mention - they had homemade ice cream and waffles in almost every corner in Belgium.  They were so cheap and so good too!  They had excellent flavors, especially their pistachio ice cream.  Hmm, Australian ice cream in ironic!

The city of Ghent was truly beautiful!


  1. these pictures are really breath taking! I really want to go here to pin it. I love your tummy picture that's so cute.

    1. Thanks! I made Paul take it at least three times to get it just right. This was actually his first try!


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