Monday, August 13, 2012

white coat ceremony

Just got back from Kirksville, MO yesterday.  The main highlight of our weekend was of course, Karina's White Coat Ceremony, officially inducting her as a student doctor.

Her biggest fans.

She looks pretty good in her white coat, if I do say so myself!

And here are some pictures of downtown Kirksville.  I must tell you, it is a HAPPENING place!  Most (if not all) shops close at around 5-6pm, and there is no Target.  I.would.DIE!  They do have a Walmart (thank God), and little antique shops.  There are two Universities (Truman State University, and A.T. Still University, which is my sister's school) just a block away from each other, so I guess this is technically considered a college town. 

And man, am I jealous of my sister's view from her apartment window!  That's Kirksville, MO, keepin' it classy for ya!

Who knows when we'll be back in this town.  Probably not until my sister graduations in 2016, especially with a little one in tow by then.  This is the first time EVER that we'll be living in two different cities, and I will surely miss her.  But I know this is temporary, and she will be coming home every other month.  Change is good, and she is going after her dreams. 


  1. How are the antique shops there? they must be actually cheap. I see on some DIY blogs around that area that were resonably priced....even vintage couches for dirt cheap! Since it's a trend, as always, Vancouver's vintage shops have crazy prices : ( ...yes I that's a sideways happy/sad face and I'm bringing it back!

    Count us in for grad!! Can't wait to see this gas station and that coin laundry place karina was talking about

    1. I wasn't able to go in any of the antique shops because they close so early. But Maury did buy her a desk that he turned into a dresser for her. He even made her a seat! I'm sure you saw that on Instagram. I asked him if I could post it on here but he said no. Hahaha!


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