Friday, September 7, 2012

fashion's night out

Last night, my Mom and I decided to check out Fashion's Night Out at a nearby mall.  This was our first time ever attending one of these events.  I think next year, we need to plan ahead and try and go to the one in Dallas' NorthPark mall which is a lot bigger.

Neiman Marcus held fashion shows every hour starting at 6pm.  I was a little sad that we missed the runway show for couture canines at 6, but we did make it to the one at 7 where they showcased the Top Trends for Fall.  Here are somewhat decent photos that I was able to snap with my iPhone. 

I felt a little underdressed sitting next to these classy ladies.  Lucky for us though, this was a smaller event than others going on around Dallas, so we were able to snag some seats in the second row!

According to Neiman Marcus, we'll be seeing a lot GREEN this fall, in all shades.  And the new neutral?  NAVY!  I couldn't be happier with this color palette!

I love the pop of lime greens in these outfits.  I also noticed a lot of layering going on, but I don't think I can pull it off.

There's a lot of influence from menswear (or borrowed-from-the-boys as they like to call it).  I love the tailored look with the clean lines.  "Think Prince", they said.  Although I wasn't sure if they meant Prince the Artist, or a royal, like Prince William when he's all dressed up.  I saw lots of very bold, beautiful, printed fabric, statement handbags and large, gold jewelry. 

Besides the fashion shows, they had other things going on.  They served cocktails, cupcakes and tacos for free as you walk around the store.  Umm, yesss!  They also had this fashion sketcher on site.  Pretty talented!

And they had a photobooth!  We weren't ready for the first pic, and no, I was not drinking an alcoholic beverage.  It was Jelly Belly flavored and oh so yummy.  And speaking of belly, don't mind my growing belly.  I look super huge in these pictures, but I think it's the dress (denial). 

{I'll try and get a better image as soon as it goes on their website}

Did any of you participate in FNO last night?


  1. Aren't you glad you made it? looked like fun and it was all over instagram that day! You and your mom look gorgeous

    PS. cute photobooth pictures!
    PPS. countdown to your BLOGVERSARY!!! keep it up

    1. Yeah, it definitely wasn't our typical weeknight! Will probably go again next year, who knows! And ok, I LOVE photobooths!


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