Friday, September 14, 2012

our first home | family room

We spend the majority of our time in the family room, so it was important for us to make it feel comfortable and cozy.  That couch was one of our first purchases when we bought the house.  We needed a couch big enough for Paul to lie down on (all 6'3" of him) and for me to fit in too. 

This was how it looked when we first moved in.

Five coats of paint later (including primer), it looked like this.  Wow, look at that ancient TV and the oh so attractive stand to go with it!

It took a lot of rearranging for me to finally be happy with our mantle.  This is how it looks like when it's not Christmastime.  I tried different heights and a little layering to balance things out (sorry for the awful photo quality).

Found this pic on my phone that I took sometime in the afternoon.

A few updates later, the family room looked like this.

{photos taken by a professional}

I added some decorative pillows, sticking with the green, blue and yellow theme.  The picture frames below the console table were from our wedding two years ago.  I had no idea where to put them so I stuck them there.  Our sad plant on the left of the TV was also from two years ago.  Sadly, Paul stuck it outside to get some sun for a few minutes and has died a slow death ever since.  We are also very fond of the plantation shutters which really made a difference. 

We'll probably miss this room the most.  There were some good times well spent here, not just with the three of us, but also with family and friends.  We're currently in the middle of packing and most of what you see here are in boxes.  Just one more week to go in our first home.  Saaaad!


  1. Your house looks amazing! You did a great job!

    1. Thanks Michelle! I really appreciate it!

  2. I love seeing the stages your home went through. you have a talent my dear!!!

    1. Why thank you! I can't wait to start decorating the new house!


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