Monday, November 19, 2012

YHL | West Elm Dallas

This Saturday, I had the opportunity to meet Sherry and John Petersik of Young House Love.  If you are a fan of DIY, I'm sure you've heard of them before!  I came across their blog a little over two years ago and have been following them ever since.  In some way, they influenced me to start my own blog!  They recently released their very own book earlier this month and have been going around the country on a book tour.  I'm so happy they stopped by the Big D!

Paul accompanied me since he didn't want to leave his prego wife in line for hours (I owe him, big time!).  The book signing was supposed to be from 11am - 1pm, but the line was out the door of West Elm!  Here are a few pictures that I took to keep me entertained.

Ok this is obviously out of focus, but they were handing out hot cocoa for the people in line.  It tasted REALLY good!

They were also giving out cookies - lots of it!  I finally snagged myself one of these sugar cookies.  So sweet and appropriate!

12:45 rolls in and we're still outside.  Luckily, Sherry and John stayed until they saw everyone who came out to see them.

Aaaand, we're in!

I loved all the festive pieces they had at West Elm.  It made me a little sad that I couldn't decorate our own house this year though =(

Stalker pic.  Almost there!

Three hours later, it was my turn.  Here's my picture with the lovely couple!  The first thing Sherry asked was if I was having a boy.  She's even more gorgeous in person!  John told Paul that he just wore the same shirt yesterday.  Hahaha!  (Do you see an uncanny resemblance?  When Paul looked at this picture, he said that they look like they could be related.  Someone on Instagram even made a comment that he looked like Paul.  Distant cousins perhaps???)  They were very sweet and so down-to-earth, as I imagined (now if only I can convince them to be my BFFs...kidding...sort of).  I applaud them for all their hard work that they put in to get to where they are today.  They are truly an inspiration.  I started reading their book as soon as we got home.  It's full of really great ideas that I can't wait to try in our new house!

Did any bloggers out there go out and see S + J when they visited your city?

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  1. I'm still super jealous that you got to meet them in person! You are so right, their blog was one of a few that inspired us to start blogging....I love them. I can't wait to see your DIYs at your new place using their ideas..hehe!

    Those West Elm details are so adorable I should really visit the South Granville location.


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