Tuesday, April 9, 2013

it don't matter if it's black or white

Finally made it to Ikea last week for...well, I don't even remember now what my purpose for going was.  I stayed there for two hours, making sure I covered all my bases and yet, I still regret not purchasing a few things as soon as I left the parking lot.  Halfway through the store, I remembered to take pictures.  Here are a few.

These black and white rugs are awesome.  Still trying to see if there's a place for them in our house to justify buying them.

Eventually, I want to get rid of the orb-like hallway light fixtures that we have and replace them with one of these.

If we didn't already have a clock in our kitchen, this would SO be mine!

So what did I go home with?

Lots of pillows!  I think I'm going for a black and white transformation in the house!  I just couldn't resist these patterns!  I also bought some picture frames and shelves for baby's nursery.  And speaking of baby, do you see him in this picture?  He was a real trooper and only woke up when I was checking out.

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