Wednesday, July 24, 2013

june highlights

Hello, friends!  Sorry for the month long absence.  I've been trying to survive live life day by day and these summer months sure are flying by fast.  Let's get caught up, shall we?

Our little man turned a half a year old!  The biggest milestone this month?  If you look closely you'll see them.  Give up?  

Our baby's got some chops!  Currently, he's sporting four baby teeth and they have completely changed his smile. 

Here's a great pic of three generations on Father's Day.

We celebrated our third wedding anniversary by going out to Rick's in downtown McKinney.  This was our second time there. Over dinner, we decided on making it a tradition to celebrate future anniversaries there.

And speaking of weddings, we went dress shopping with my sister and future sister-in-law.  After visiting several places, my sister finally said yes to the dress!

This little lady turned 6 years old!

I've got a few more to update you on, but thought I'd break it down into a few posts to get things rolling again on this sad and neglected blog.  See you very soon, I promise!

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