Friday, August 2, 2013

the fiddler in our living room

About a month ago, Paul brought home this gem.

I've been dreaming of a fiddle leaf fig tree for a while.  One Sunday afternoon, I casually asked Paul to see if they had some at Home Depot.  Surprisingly, they had a bunch of mature ones like this for about $40.  Since I'm quite the plant killer, I did my research on how to take care of a fiddle leaf fig tree.  According to several sources (here is a good one), some key things to remember are:

1)  They need abundant but not direct sunlight.  They also tend to lean or grow towards the light so rotating the tree once in a while helps the tree grow upwards.  

2)  Do not over water!

3)  Keep away from dry heat and drafts. 

Unfortunately, we went on vacation for a week and when we got back, the tree looked like this.

It has lost about 2-3 leaves since then.  Hopefully it's not dying a very slow and painful death.  I think not getting enough sunlight and/or the draft from our ceiling fan (which is constantly on) are the main issues, and we're working on this.  I sure hope I can keep this beaut alive for a year, or at least until they're back in stock again and I can get a replacement!  For now, we'll enjoy the time we have together, however long that may be.

Coincidentally, I was watching Giuliana & Bill yesterday, and what do you know.  They have one too!

I leave you with some pictures of homes which feature these lovelies. 




Let's let that marinade a little.  Here's to wishing for a living room that could be...(sigh).

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