Monday, September 26, 2011


On Saturday, we went to Oktoberfest in downtown McKinney. Since we missed the Addison Oktoberfest last weekend, we made sure we weren't going to miss this one. And it's just so close to our house - how could we not! I thought it would be less crowded, but was I wrong! Admission was free, but we still had to buy tickets for the beer and wine only. The food you could pay with cash. There were lines for everything but it actually wasn't too bad. The roads around the Performing Arts Center were closed off, and you couldn't go passed this point with an alcoholic beverage. Within these parameters were the food/beer booths, picnic tables, and the bands, so really, there was just not enough room! And I think the Addison and McKinney Oktoberfests were on the same weekend last year. This gave people an opportunity to go to both.

They played polka music, and we knew some of them after watching the Big Joe Polka Show at the in-laws' house (which has now been replaced by the Molly B Polka Show). Paul even said to me, "aren't you glad that you married someone who has traditions like this (he's Polish, but they do share some similar traditions as Germans)?" I replied, "no, not really." Of course, I was kidding!

We each got the Oktoberfest platter which consisted of sauerkraut, potatoes, and two bratwursts (one original and one smoked). It was delish!

McKinney was voted the No. 5 Best Places to Live In America in 2010. And they won't let you forget it!

You bet they played the chicken dance song!

Lots of kids were dancing around and enjoying the different activities they had set up, like face painting, mazes, and even a tiny petting zoo! Some people brought their dogs. After eating, we walked around the block and went inside some of the antique stores. They're always closed every time we're in the area, so it was great that they stayed open for the festivities.

All in all, it was a good time. It's nice to see a booming town like McKinney to be able to host an event like this. Is it better than the Addison one or not, I'm not sure. Besides buying tickets for food, Addison charges admission, but they sell those beer glasses every year (that I've been meaning to collect, but only have two) and it's mostly for the younger crowd. This one is more family friendly, and is very convenient for us. I guess we'll have to start going to both!


  1. Commenting on this because I felt sorry for your innate uncoolness. :P


  2. thanks! i'm so happy someone left a comment, even if it was to make fun of me! annnnd comment box works. Comment away...anyone? ANYONE?


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