Monday, October 3, 2011

paint + wine = one starry night

On Saturday, a few friends and I went to Let's Art Party in downtown Plano.  Many art studios like this have opened up around Dallas lately and its popularity is growing.  How it works is, you choose a painting from their calendar, and they teach you step by step on how to replicate the painting.  The best part is you get to BYOB and snacks.  We had the back all to ourselves so we had our food laid out there.  Some people actually started helping themselves with OUR food and it got kind of awkward.  I'm glad I wasn't the one who had to nicely tell them that the food was not for sharing.  Anyway, the painting that we chose was Van Gogh's Other Starry Night.  I don't think Van Gogh's my style.  It was hard for me to just put random blotches on my canvas with it not looking like a checkerboard.  What can I say, I like symmetry and neatness.  But it was a lot of fun.  I really felt like I was in Grade 8 Art class all over again.

 My sister Karina and I (aka Karen or Teen)


My finished painting.  They say it's not meant to be viewed up close, so STEP BACK!

I swear it wasn't just the two of us.  I'll have to post a group picture once I get a hold of one.  
This is a great place for private parties, hanging out with friends, boosting your creativity and something different for a date night.  If only I can get Paul to go with me...


  1. Ate, your painting is too neat. But it's still pretty good.

  2. Thanks Dil! We should do this the next time Jennifer's in town.


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