Monday, November 7, 2011

my week via instagram

I love pictures.  Maybe it's the asian in me (ha!), or the sentimental side of me (it runs in the family), but I love how it captures a certain moment in time.  Even pointless pictures of food, for example, triggers a memory, and it brings you right back to that exact place and time.  I love being able to relive that moment over and over again. 

So last week, I downloaded the Instagram app and it's now my newest addiction.  I've heard about Instagram before, but I finally caved in after my cousin got an account (we influence each other, can you tell?).  It reminds me somewhat of Twitter (and I absolutely refuse to get a Twitter account), but you share pictures instead.  You can share pictures instantly by linking them to your Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr accounts and you can follow people, etc.  It has several edit options which allows you to effortlessly revamp your pictures and give it that bit of oomph that it needs. 

I played around with it this week.  Here's my attempt at being creative and artsy.   

Remembering loved ones on All Souls Day. 

To celebrate a friend's recent engagement, we had a Liquor & Lacquer Party.

We ate at Silk Road Thai Cuisine on Friday and the food was excellent.  Paul had the Yellow Curry Fried Rice, and I had the Panang Avocado Salmon.  We walked around Adriatica afterwards, and enjoyed a bottle of wine (this one was from a winery I visited in Fredericksburg last May) while watching Bridesmaids.  By the way, does anyone know when Hangover 2 comes out on DVD? 

I found this colorful spectrum of cardigans as I was purging and organizing my side of our closet. 

Bailey's "sippy cup" that I found at Target on the discount aisle.

Saturday night was very frustrating.  After two failed attempts at two different restaurants and 3 hours later, we ended up at Square Burger, in Downtown McKinney for dinner, which was our original choice.  We were hungry and grumpy - not a good combo.  By the time we were seated, it was 9pm, but in the end, our bellies were satisfied.  Romantic date night = fail. 

 Good morning!  We're so happy to gain an extra hour of sleep!

Had brunch at La Madeleine with Paul, my Mom and Karina (missing my brother).

We bought the Steve Jobs book at Costco.  It's rare to see Paul reading, let alone hold a book, so this was Instagram worthy. 

Yup, we sure did a lot of eating this weekend!  And I went a little Instagram crazy too, so I'll try and keep it to a minimum.  I don't want to annoy my less than a handful of followers with stupid pictures.  Speaking of followers, if you have an Instagram account, follow me - username is aissa10.  You can also check out my pictures online through Inkstagram or Followgram.

Oh and one more thing.  This one isn't Instagrammable.  I heard a Christmas song playing while I was doing the groceries yesterday (Jessica Simpson's rendition of Let it Snow, to be exact).  The first one I've heard this year!  I love, love, LOVE Christmas songs, and Christmas in general.  It will be here before you know it!

Happy Monday!


  1. Hey speaking of, you're inspiring me to do a post on instagram! I'm having so much fun taking random pictures of my daily activites as well. Is it just me or is instagram making you realize the small beautiful things in life..ahem! #intoit love this post!! I'm your biggest fan. #bff #starttwitteralready

  2. yes, do a post for sure, even though I already instagram stalked you all weekend! ok, you made me lol, #intoit #thanksforsupporting #saynototwitter!

  3. Again too cute on the post. Love the pictures, the food looks super yummy.

    Paul reading is a rarity huh? Must be a husband thing because Macky is the same way. Whenever I finish I new book and gush to him that he needs to read it he just stares at me with this blank look on his face. HA!

    I keep seeing instagram everywhere too, not sure what it's about, maybe i'll check. It's like pinterest and all that jazz. So much to keep up with.

  4. @Cyn I bought Paul a book last Christmas hoping that he'd actually start getting into didn't work. So I'm hoping he'll get into this one, and it was his idea to get the book. I'd love to read more if I had the time.

    Seriously, technology has corrupted us. Whatever happened to calling people, right?


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