Tuesday, November 8, 2011

tune-y tuesday | november playlist

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Tune-y Tuesday is back by popular demand (well, actually, only one person asked about it - sad)!  I've decided to do this every second Tuesday of the month, so keep a lookout for the next one on December 13th! 

You've Got The Love / Florence & The Machine (Xx Remix)
This remix has a bit of jazz/dance to it that I absolutely love. 

Midnight City / M83
Totally loving this song right now.  There's an 80's feel to it.  You may also notice that it's on the recent Victoria's Secret commercial.  

Not Over You / Gavin DeGraw
We had the pleasure of seeing Gavin DeGraw live last year during a free concert for Smiles for Habitat here in our little town.  He is so good live, and I'm sad that I missed his concert here just about a week ago.  I'm really bad at concert dates and when artists are in town.  This his new single from his new cd, Sweeter.

She Ain't You / Chris Brown
Ok, I know there are a lot of Chris Brown haters out there (it's a shame he's a psycho - there's so much talent there), but I can't help singing along to this when it comes on the radio.  Maybe it's because it's got bits of MJ's "Human Nature" and SWV's "Right Here," but I can't get enough of it. 

Wonderwall (Cover) / Ryan Adams
As if the original by Oasis isn't greatness already, this cover by Ryan Adams is just as sweet.  Very November/Fall-ish, don't you think?  This song will never get old. 

Holiday / Vampire Weekend
So this was overplayed during the holidays last year, thanks to Tommy Hilfiger and Honda.  But I thought it was appropriate to include with this month's playlist, as we are nearing the holiday season.  I can't wait!


  1. sweet! the grooveshark works on MAC' the selection : ) listening to it while I cook tonight.

  2. glad the playlist was put to good use! I hope you danced along with it too!


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