Monday, November 14, 2011

weekend wrap-up via instagram

We spent the weekend in Houston to visit Paul's family.  We're trying to make it a point to visit more often, at least once a month if we can.  We spent some time outdoors, enjoying the gorgeous weather.  Plants seem to grow a lot better in Houston because of the humidity.  We walked around their property, which is also what I'd like to call, "getting in touch with mother nature."  Although they've cleared out a lot of the trees, their "backyard" is still mainly a forest filled with wild hogs and other animals.  Thank God we didn't run into one, but I did see a squirming baby snake (eek!).  No, they're still not cute.   For the most part, we let Bailey roam around freely, and she loved it, except for when we walked further into the woods .  She's way too low to the ground and little branches and twigs were scraping her belly.  We made lasagna for dinner, had way too much coffee, and ate popcorn while watching the usual Saturday night polka party on TV.  We finished off the weekend with our nephew's 10th birthday party.  It amazes me how fast these kids grow!  By next year, they'll all be towering over their Aunt Aissa (one already does)!

Now it's Monday, and I feel miserable.  My allergies tend to kick in every time we're in Houston.  There must be something in the air, or I'm just really allergic to Mondays.  I hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. You guys are too cute. I love the shadow pictures, Paul is a giant!!!

    And, I'm so jealous that the humidity is what is causing the allergies. It is freezing today. 14day trend is showing snow posibbilities for next week.

    The kiddies are adorable. They all grow up so fast.

  2. oh man, i said i'd lay off the instagram this weekend, but i went a little instagram happy as you can tell! yup, i look like a child next to him (he's about 6'3").

    you guys have snow in your forecast already? now I'M jealous! we don't really get snow until early next year! hope you guys stayed warm this weekend!


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