Monday, December 12, 2011

some murder, pjs, and hunting

This weekend....

I went to my very first Murder Mystery Party.  It sure was different and a lot of fun.  I got to play
Cha-Cha Merengue, "the beautiful and intriguing ballroom dance instructor who never stops dancing!"  I got really into it, and I guess it paid off because I won a bottle of wine! (don't mind the fat cheeks!)

We forced Bailey into her Christmas pajamas to show off to our guests this weekend.  I guess you could say she wasn't too thrilled about it.  But doesn't she look cute?!  I'm not being biased (maybe a little). 

This is just me being silly while I was taking pictures of our decorations for a future post.

On Saturday, we went house hunting with my brother-in-law and his wife.  We're so happy that Paul will have some family close by.  And they're having their baby boy next April so we'll have a baby to play with.  Whoohoo! 

We stopped by a show home, and I couldn't help but take pictures.  Of course I forgot my phone in the car, so I had to borrow Paul's.  Here are a few that I shot.

I love the dark brown kitchen cabinets against the light colored granite countertops.  This is what I'd like for our kitchen, if and when we ever get around to painting the cabinets.  Love the white subway tiles on the backsplash as well.

The breakfast nook was dressed up in these bright yellow curtains.  They really make a difference.  And I love that rug from West Elm (seen in the first picture). 

The living room was just as cheerful, with the bright yellow accents.  Grays and yellows are pretty popular these days, especially with weddings.  And a sunburst mirror, like the one above the fireplace, is on my list of future DIY projects!

They kept it simple in the master bedroom.  I'm thinking about gray walls in our bedroom, so this was a great example.  I love the three windows with the white floor-to-ceiling curtains, and a seating area right in front of it. 
I thought this was a simple DIY project that I could maybe replicate with square frames and patterned scrapbook paper.

I wish I took more pictures, but I didn't want to be creepy.  Show homes are such a good inspiration.  I'd love to stage one someday.  How fun would that be, to decorate a home, and not have to use your own money!  ONE DAY - hey, a girl can dream!

And that's my weekend for you.  How was yours?

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