Wednesday, December 7, 2011

what's the story, wishbone

Look what came in the mail yesterday!  I ordered it on Etsy from the Petitor shop.  It came in this lovely doily packaging, which I love since our whole wedding was pretty much doily-ed out!  This wishbone necklace was made popular by Jennifer Aniston when she wore it in the movie, "He's Just Not That Into You."  The original retailed for $700.  I got my version at a discount on Cyber Monday for $23!

It's small enough to layer with another necklace, or can be worn by itself.  I've started a collection of everyday necklaces with simple pendants like this one, and most of them were purchased on Etsy.  I love wearing necklaces, and I like to keep it simple for work.  This is a perfect statement piece and easy to match with any outfit.  Hopefully it brings me good luck too!


  1. Thanks SO much, Aissa. You're such a sweet heart! Lovely blog!!!

  2. Love it! Definitely going to need to check 'em out on Etsy.

  3. ohhh my goodness! I was seriously contemplating if i should get a wishbone necklace too. CUTE!

  4. @petitor - love the necklace! thank you!

    @cyn - i love browsing through Etsy. there's so many good finds there. i try to avoid it though because i tend to buy something almost everytime i'm on!

    @tincy - get one! the petitor shop has lots of other necklaces too!


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