Friday, June 29, 2012

a week of celebrations

Last week, we celebrated two special occasions.  On Tuesday, we celebrated our second year wedding anniversary at Rick's Chophouse in downtown McKinney.  It was pretty packed for a weekday.  I guess this was surprising to me because we rarely eat out on weekdays.  I wish I knew how big their portions were.  I ordered their ribs, and it was probably bigger than both of our heads combined.  We had salads, calamari for appetizers and even ordered a side of Cajun style Mac and Cheese (I did not regret this), and I was way too full to eat my ribs.  At least I got a week's worth of lunch though.

They gave us our own desserts, on the house, with the usual "Happy Anniversary" written on the plate.  I ordered their apple pie with ice cream and bourbon and Paul had the creme brulee.  Yum!

Since we didn't take a picture at the restaurant, I wanted to take a picture at home to document the day and to keep the tradition going.  I set up the timer on my camera and had Bailey join us.  After a few attempts, here's one good shot (and enhanced via Instagram). 

On Saturday, Bailey turned 5 years old (35 in doggie years).  According to sources, she is no longer considered a puppy =(  She'll always be a puppy forever and ever. 

For some reason, she had attitude that day.  She must have realized that she's getting older.  I had to force her to take a picture with me!

We gave her a Frosty Paw to celebrate.  She loves the Peanut Butter flavor. 

We gave her lots of treats throughout the day and let her pretty much do whatever she wanted.  This was only supposed to last until the end of the day, but it seemed to have continued through Sunday.  We hope she will be with us for another 5 to 10 years.  Can't imagine life without her.

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