Friday, August 24, 2012

brussels, belgium (part 2)

Back in Brussels on Day 2, we ran into some sort of sporting event near the city hall.  I have no idea what the whole point of the game was, but the crowd sure was getting into it. 

We couldn't leave Brussels without going home with some Brussels chocolates.  They're big on pralines and they were delicious!

For dinner, we ate on the patio of an authentic Belgian restaurant (so they say).  The waiter was awesome.  Sadly, it started pouring, so we had to take the party inside. 

TGIF!  Happy weekend!


  1. SUGAR RUSH just looking at these pictures! So what's ther it better than you expected?

    1. You mean the chocolate? The pralines were definitely yummy, but, I think a chocolate's a chocolate. I love them all!


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