Thursday, August 23, 2012

our first home | kitchen + breakfast nook

I don't think I've ever featured our kitchen before, except briefly on this post.  It is not always the neatest and we haven't really done too much too it.  Like the rest of the house, this area got the same, too yellow Behr paint on the walls.  When I couldn't stand it anymore, we decided to paint it a minty green (Behr paint in Palm Breeze).

The breakfast nook was slightly neglected.  With the upgraded plantation shutters though, it really gave it a good boost that it needed.  We inherited my in-laws' dining room set which was a lot bigger than the sad one you're seeing below.

I added some accessories on the wall, some stools, and here it is now.

I think I've mentioned this before, but after painting the walls mint green in the kitchen, I wanted to paint the cabinets a very dark, chocolate brown.  I figured since I wasn't going to get the granite countertops I've been dreaming about, at least painting the cabinets and adding some hardware would do it.  Sadly, that never happened, but we've managed to live with it.  The cabinets aren't too shabby anyway.

Next on the tour is the family room.  There's a little preview for you.

{recent photos were taken by a professional}


  1. I seriously am going to miss this house. Something about the kitchen gives me those fun memories of making those drinks in the blender! what are those called? you should blog the recipe it's so good!!!

    1. Oh man, good times! Karina introduced us to the "buuushwacker" since she just got back from the USVI visiting Ate Kaye. It's been a while since we made that. Hmmm....maybe I'll post it, when I'm actually able to drink an alcoholic beverage, so it could be a year from now. Sad!


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