Tuesday, August 21, 2012

louvain, belgium (for dad)

One of the main reasons why we chose to visit Belgium was to see Louvain (or Leuven).  Our Dad went to the University of Lueven from around 1969 - 1972, and he spoke often of his times there.  He wanted to take us there someday, and so we thought we'd pay a sort of pilgrimage on his behalf. 

We saw the University of Leuven Central Library where I'm pretty sure my Dad spent most of his days.  He enjoyed everything that revolved around school, and studying was one of them.  Unfortunately, it was closed on Sundays and we weren't able to check out the inside.

It's pretty cool knowing that my Dad once walked these same streets about 40 years ago.

More doors...

We found the Andre Dumont Statue that my Dad posed in front of.  Here he was back then:

And us now:

We passed by the Old Square/University Hall.  It's apparently known as "the longest bar in Europe."

We found the St. Peiter Coutereel Statue, where my Dad had a picture riding a bike.
We all took turns trying to re-enact this without a bike but we had no idea where to rent them, so running had to do!  I think my brother and sister were tied, but here's my brother's pic.  Sadly, the statue seemed to have been neglected over the years and has lost its lustre. 

Louvain had an amazing City Hall as well.  Look at all the detail!

Right next to it was the St. Peter's Church, which was just as beautiful.

During lunch, we started talking about how people in Europe seem to take their time when they eat their meals.  They tend to sit for hours, savoring every bite, share a bottle of wine and enjoying each other's company.  I think I need to do that more often.  I feel like everything is on fast forward here and we seem to be in such a hurry.  I need to take it slow and live in the moment.

I miss alcoholic beverages =(

We walked to (which seemed like forever) the Groot Begijnhof historic quarter, south of downtown Louvain.  It is completely restored and is owned by the University.  It is part of the campus and is used as housing for students and guests. 

Lastly, we made our way to the Arenberg Castle, which now holds the University's Engineering department and some lectures.  Here's my Dad in front of the Castle back then. 

And here we are now.

Dad, wish you were there to share more stories with us, but we know you were there in spirit!  Missing you lots!


  1. Replies
    1. Why thank you! It doesn't hurt that the city is already beautiful! Didn't really have to do much.

    2. Ahh, sorry Maury! I tried to delete one of your comments because it published twice and accidentally deleted both. To those who care, this was his original comment:

      "You're vastly improving with your photography skills!"

      Now I'm talking to myself. Awesome!

  2. Again, gorgeous pictures!

    I'm sure you're dad was along for the ride. Love that you guys took your own versions of his pictures. Frame worthy for sure

    1. Thanks Cyn! Yeah it was fun doing the one in front of the statue sans the bike! We need to do a collage or something!

  3. Maury is right - your pics look amazing! Is it the "lighting" LOL! I was obsessed with the doors as well. I love how you guys took the same pictures as your dad...that is so precious! I'm sure you was watching and smiling.

    hopefully next time I got to Europe I can visit this place as well.

    1. Thanks, and yes, it was definitely the "lighting"! I highly recommend visiting Belgium on your next trip to Europe! Although you've been to so many place, it might be hard to compare.


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