Wednesday, October 31, 2012

one angry bird

Happy Halloween everyone!  Well, I have to say this is not my best costume, but here goes nothing...

Any guesses?  Come on...I'll give you a couple more tries...give up?  I'm supposed to be a TURKEY!  I didn't have time to make the wings so this is what I came up with.  I got a few guesses at work like mother goose, angry bird, and a roadrunner, which was actually pretty good.  One even said a penguin.  Umm, ok!  Paul actually wanted me to be a cooked turkey, but I didn't know how to pull it off.  I should have just been a pumpkin.

Speaking of pumpkins, my brother's gf Jennifer and I carved pumpkins on Sunday.  Here's how they turned out.

Jennifer drew this face from scratch and I opted for the traceable "EEK" from those pumpkin carving sets you get at Walmart.  Soo not creative.

This is how my pumpkin looks today:
It turned from "EEK" to "eek"!  It's meeelting!!!!!

The management of our building where I work had a Pumpkin-Palooza to raise money for the Red Cross to assist in the relief efforts on the East Coast.  Here are some creative ones.
I think I want to paint a pumpkin next year.
 A porcupine.  I've always wanted to drill holes in a pumpkin like this one! 
And my favorite...a hamburger!

I also found this house in my Mom's neighborhood.  They went above and beyond for sure!  Actually, this whole neighborhood was into the Halloween spirit.  I'm impressed!

It's almost 9pm, and I think it's time to call it a night.  We had a few trick-or-treaters tonight.  My favorite one was a little boy with his Mom.  His Mom said, "It's Halloween, what do you say?"  The little boy raised his bag of goodies to me and said with confidence, "it's Halloween," in his innocent voice.  So cute!  I can't wait for next year when I get to dress up Baby T.  I'm already thinking of coordinating costumes.  This holiday is just going to get better with a little one around!

 ** Click here to see my costumes from Halloweens past **

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  1. I am loving the hamburger one...I want to do that next year!!!

    Now that Halloween is over is it too late to start the Christmas decorating? I'm thinking of starting soon hahah!


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