Monday, November 5, 2012

ring of kerry, ireland

On our last day in Ireland, we took a day tour of the Ring of Kerry.  It takes you along the beautiful west coast of the County of Kerry.  We started out in Limerick where we caught the Paddywagon Bus Tour. 

We made our way to the town of Killarney.  If we ever go back to Ireland, I'd love to stay there overnight.  It was voted as "Ireland's Tidiest Town" in 2011 -  how could you pass that up?!

We continued on to our route, stopping at a few landmarks to take pictures of the many views.

For lunch, we stopped at Waterville.  I had my last order of fish 'n chips which was a good way to end our trip!  The famous Charlie Chaplin visited the town of Waterville often and loved it so much, he built a house there, which still stands today.

Apparently, this statue is true to size. 

This was the house that Mr. Chaplin built and is still owned by the Chaplin family. 

I believe these next few pictures are of Dingle Bay from a distance.

Stopped by the village of Sneem for some gelato and more picture taking.

Killarney National Park
My, do I look annoyed!

Our last stop was the 18m tall Torc Waterfall.

And finally, our trip wouldn't be complete without seeing a rainbow!

We enjoyed exploring Ireland and its natural beauty.  But what we'll probably remember the most about this country is its people.  Everyone was so genuinely nice, welcoming and had a jolly outlook on life.  I could learn a thing or two from them.  Hopefully we'll be back someday.

So that ends our Europe trip.  And it only took me less than three months to complete!  Thanks for sticking around.  Hey, this might be our last vacation out of the continent for a VERY long time!  Now, back to real time blogging!

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