Monday, December 3, 2012

a chance at royalty?

I don't think I've ever expressed my infatuation over the Royal Family on this blog.  Since I started this back in September 2011, you missed out on me obsessing over the wedding of the year (along with the rest of the world).  Which is probably a good thing because I could get annoying (ask Paul).  So when I came across this news on CNN this morning, I was overjoyed! 


I was hoping Kate and I would be pregnant at the same time.  If she has a little girl (please), then maybe my boy could have a chance at becoming prince?  Hey, a girl can dream!  Since Prince William didn't find me in time, I'll just have to live vicariously through my son.  Ok ok, I'll wait until they announce that they're officially having a girl.  This is not the last you'll hear from me, folks! 

In other news, it's December already and the forecast for Dallas is highs of 81ºF today.  Goodness.  This preggo lady is NOT a happy camper!

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