Monday, December 10, 2012

J + T engaged

On Saturday, December 8th, my brother proposed to his girlfriend.  I offered to spy capture the moment for them (with the help of Paul).  Unfortunately, when I thought I hit "record" on my camera, I actually turned OFF the recording.  But all is not lost.  I still got some good pictures of the actual proposal.  Here are some pictures that I took of the couple after my brother popped the question.

IMG_3817 copy
IMG_3821 IMG_3822 copy IMG_3825 copy IMG_3840 copy

I can't believe my "baby" brother is engaged!  We are so glad we had the chance to witness this moment.  All the walking, crouching and kneeling on rocks (ouch) was worth it.  Jennifer has been a part of our family for the past six years, and I'm happy that they will soon be making it official.  Let the wedding planning begin!

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