Wednesday, February 27, 2013

a diaper bag, made well

I prolonged buying a diaper bag because I wanted something that was stylish and didn't scream, "Hey, I'm a new Mom!"  After searching far and wide, I ended up with the Transport Tote by Madewell. 

I've been seeing it on this girl's blog lately and I thought that it was so big and versatile, surely it would be perfect as a diaper bag!  For my birthday, Paul let me pick out a diaper bag, so I took the risk and purchased this online.  I even got my initials monogrammed.

This tote bag is very spacious.  It holds an extra burp cloth and my diaper changing kit, complete with extra diapers and baby wipes.  It even stores a small clutch where I keep my wallet, car keys, etc. and still has plenty of room for other things, such as bottles, a light sweater, an Ipad, and shopping bags (hehe).  The only drawback is that it only has a small pocket on one side, and it doesn't come with a long strap to wear it across your body. 

I've also considered this Ikabag on Etsy which is probably just as comparable.

I even ventured out to the nearest Coach Factory Outlet and bought their diaper bag, but returned it after one week because I couldn't handle the "C"s that can be seen from a mile away.  Please don't mind my sweats.

I've been hauling this around everywhere I go.  This is something that I can use even after babies and will not go out of style.  This would also be the perfect carry-on when traveling.  And just to let you know, most of my purses are from Ross.  This is the first purse I've ever purchased over $50 so this was a definite splurge, and a thrill!  I just hope this doesn't start a new shopping trend with me, otherwise our bank account (and Paul) will be very upset.

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  1. Hahaha great post! Love the diaper bag/purse. Believe me the 'new mom' plastic ones are no good, not to mention hideous to wear. Good thing hubby didn't object to the black Mexx one we got as it was a crossbody bag.

    So glad I'm getting to catch up on your blogs! H is just the cutest!!!


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