Thursday, May 30, 2013

little H at 5 months

Earlier in the month, this boy decided to roll over!  I found him rolled over on his back, passed his little playmat.  I think we were both a little shocked when it happened!  That's when we decided to move our party in the living room where he has more space.

 A big milestone this month is we introduced him to solids!  We started him on rice cereal and he hated it, so we tried it again after a few days and was a little more eager.  Unlike his Mama, he really loves oatmeal!  We've moved on to vegetables.  So far, he's tried green beans (which is probably the worst first food to try), carrots and sweet peas.  Currently, we're on day 2 of sweet potatoes and he really enjoys it.

Until next month!

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