Thursday, August 15, 2013

white rock, b.c.

It's always a must to visit White Rock Beach when we're visiting B.C.  I spent many summers here during my high school days.  It's only fair to show Little H where his Mama went gallivanting (ha).  

* WARNING.  Photo overload coming your way *

We ate fish and chips for lunch along the strip.  Fish and chips are also a must here.  Oh, and poutine!  I still haven't found a place here in Dallas that makes poutine like they do in Canada.

I love how they serve the fish and chips in newspaper cones which fits perfectly in the holes on the tables.

Walking on the famous pier.  During high tide, you can see youngins (that's right, I said youngins.  Oh, to be young) jumping off the docks at the end of the pier.  It's fun to people watch and feel old all at the same time.  And just in the distance is actually the state of Washington.  White Rock is about 20 minutes (maybe less?) from the U.S. border.

Took a picture in front of THE white rock.  No need to adjust your screens, people.  That really is me.  Gorge, I know.


Young love?

And as for the little guy, he loved Mr. Wind on his face and enjoyed his first taste of gelato!

It was a great way to spend his first full day in Beautiful British Columbia!

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