Thursday, November 21, 2013

H at 11 months

Well, I really had no news to report on this little guy's progress this month, until this Tuesday happened.  I gave him Cheerios to try for breakfast, then next thing you know, he started itching his eyes until they were swollen.  I froze and didn't know what to do.  I grabbed the Cheerios box from the pantry and there, in the tiniest font read, "peanut butter" *insert swear word of choice here*.  I was thinking, "I don't remember reading stuff about allergies."  Paul and my sister had to tell me to give him Benadryl.  DUH!  I made an appointment with his pediatrician just to make sure he was ok.  Aside from his eyes looking all beat up, he was happy and healthy.  I took him to get his blood work done yesterday and just got the confirmation that he IS allergic to peanuts.  We'll find out more on how extensive his allergy is tomorrow.  Our hearts sank.  It's yet another thing to worry about along with a gazillion other things.  He'll be deprived of so many delicious treats, like PB&J, pecan pies, Reese's pieces, and possibly Nutella.  Not Nutella!  Poor baby!  So lesson learned:  read food packages carefully!

H's first birthday is just around the corner and I'm already getting emotional.  One time, we were "slow dancing" to one of his songs on his playlist and for some reason, I started crying because I was imagining our mother/son dance on his wedding day.  I AM GOING CRAZY!  Time, slow down, will you? 

And if you're due for a good cry, watch this.  I will warn you now that you will ugly cry but it is so worth it.  This video is just beautiful.  I feel like I took those long, sleepless nights for granted after watching this.  How lucky was I to have been able to take my healthy son home after just a few days' stay at the hospital?  Some mothers have to wait for months to hold their child and bring them home (I'll stop here because I'll start crying again).  Babies truly are miracles and a blessing.  I will definitely hold my little guy extra tight when he wakes up in the morning! 

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