Monday, November 25, 2013

fall decor

Before the month was over, I wanted to document our fall decor this year.  I kept it very simple with stuff that we already had and of course, pumpkins.

Our mantle is pretty similar to how it looked like at our old house.  I won't show you how the fireplace looks like because it's full of H's toys!

I found this mirror at Home Goods and moved the one we had into our guest room.  Will need to do an update on that soon too.

We have a sitting area just by the staircase that I've been meaning to mention on here. 

And outside, I went a little pumpkin happy, but who doesn't during this time of the year?

The picture below was taken earlier in October when the mums were still alive and blooming.  It's now dying a slow death (what's new).  Luckily, Thanksgiving is almost here so I can get rid of them!

I can't wait to decorate the house for Christmas.  I was thinking of buying a real tree this year but have absolutely zero experience on how to maintain one.  I'm also not the best plant keeper so we may just invest in a good fake tree that will last us a few Christmases.  But if you have any tips on how to keep a real tree alive and kicking the whole season, let me know!  It's such a great tradition to go as a family and pick out THE tree every year. 

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  1. Chris and I had a live tree two years ago when we spent Xmas in Dallas. I loved the smell of the live tree as it permeated through out the entire house. Nice wintery smell. I would most likely still with Douglas fir or any type of fir trees because the needs from the pine trees do welt and you wouldn't want Henry to get a hold of them.

    It's a lot of work to keep a live tree since you need to make sure it always has water otherwise it'll die. As much as a live tree is really nice.... a good fake tree might be better plus it would save you money in the long run through the years. :-)

    Can't wait to see your new ornament for the Christmas year.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!


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