Wednesday, September 14, 2011

austin, tx (part 1)

We've been talking about going to Austin for about a year now, just to explore the city since we've never been there together.  We finally decided to this past Labor Day Weekend.  Paul was in charge of booking the hotel, and apparently I was in charge of the itinerary.  I must tell you, I suck at planning things!  I'm more of a doer/participant than a planner (so much for a career as a wedding planner).  So anyway, I made a list of the things I wanted to do and cover over the weekend, and I think we were able to accomplish all but one.  Here are some pictures from Day 1.

 Our first stop was the State Capitol

Interpretive Art - do you see a heart?

I took several pictures of this in almost every angle.  Ever since I got married, I've been on a hunt for letter T's.  I'm thinking of framing this for our house.

Just trying to blend in...I think it worked!

It so happened to be the very first home game of the football season that Saturday.  This is only a glimpse of the tailgate party that was going on throughout the UT Campus.  They closed off roads, people were having bbqs, drinking beer and music playing full blast.  Some even brought their flat screen TVs!  I've never seen anything like it (obviously I don't go out much)!  These pictures don't do it justice though. 

The best shot I could get of the football stadium from our hotel balcony. 

We had to cut our tour short because Paul got blisters, and luckily we did because I think I got dehydrated from walking everywhere in the heat!  After we were fully rested, we headed out to 6th Street for dinner.  The only picture I took that night was of Paul at Logan's Pub.

He didn't really appreciate me taking pictures of him, as you can tell!  Anyway, we walked around 6th Street afterwards, but decided not to go in any of the bars because really, Paul doesn't dance, and I don't really want to sit around, although people-watching in Austin was very entertaining.  We headed back to the hotel and had some drinks at the bar lobby and called it a night.  Man, do we sound old!  

It was hard for me to choose from all the pictures from Day 1, so I'll have to break this post up and do another post for Day 2.  Stay tuned!

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