Friday, October 7, 2011

hgtv magazine

HGTV debuted its very first magazine.  I snagged this one at Costco this past weekend for 30% off the cover price.  I browsed through it and so far so good.  They go into the homes of some of my favorite designers, Vern Yip, Sarah Richardson and Genevieve Gorder.  I can't say it stands out compared to the other home and design magazines out there because there are a ton of really great ones, but hey, I have to support HGTV.  Pick one up at the grocery store this weekend and let me know what you think. 

And while we're on acronyms, TGIF!  Have a good one!


  1. literally going to chapters in an hour to look for this. How did you hear about it?

  2. they mentioned it on HGTV channel and the DIY network a few times. did you buy a copy?


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