Thursday, October 6, 2011

jerry's finds

My former coworker found this for me:

He knew I was looking for a bench to put outside by the front door and this was just right.  Paul thinks that it might be a fire hazard though with it being right next to the outlets.  I think I'll keep it there for now, at least through Halloween so I can put my carved pumpkins on top.  It would also look great in our entryway.  Just add some pillows and a few baskets underneath, and it should be good to go.  I may give it a bright coat of paint, but I actually like how the dents and wood grains give it character.  

When I picked up the bench, I was drawn to these and decided to get them too.

The smaller one fits right inside the larger one.  I wanted to use them as sort of a side table by our couch since we didn't have one there.  So far, I like!  

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