Monday, October 10, 2011

it's a beaver

If you have ever driven on IH-45 from Dallas to Houston, you've certainly heard of Buc-cee's.  Paul is from Houston, so we've taken this route plenty of times, but this is actually the first time we stopped to check it out. 

This is not your typical gas station.  It has a huge convenience store that's filled with everything, from souvenirs, t-shirts, jerky, and you can even order barbeque and steak to go.  I also saw a redneck wine glass that was made of a candle holder glued on the bottom of a jam jar.  It was pretty sweet, and I'm kind of bummed that I didn't get to take a quick pic of it.  We were mainly there to gas up and grab a quick bite.  On our way to the restroom, we had to tackle our way around this guy:

It had one of those motion detectors, and every time you passed it, he'd move and talk to you.  Honestly, if you had to go very badly, this might just tick you off, or scare you to death, that you end up going right then and there.  The restrooms though were super clean and had plenty of stalls, as advertised. 

Paul and I shared a very tasty wrap, and we each had this genius of a sausage wrapped in tortilla.  Sorry for the bad phone picture quality.  It was so good, I could have easily eaten two and would stop by Buc-cee's just to get one. 

The annual TX/OU game was also this Saturday, so we sported our Texas gear.  Too bad I was asleep throughout most of the game (sorry, my attention span is not so sharp when it comes to listening to a game on the radio.  I'm more of a visual person).  But I guess I didn't miss much since TX got murdered.  Maybe next year...

In other news, look at the size of this mushroom! 

And that's all folks!  How was your weekend?

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