Wednesday, February 8, 2012

all banged up

After months of contemplating, I finally cut my bangs!  I've always had bangs, but swept to the side.  Haven't had it this short since probably elementary school. 

That's me at most likely the age of 4, with Karina, age 3.

Some of my inspirations.

It's gotten thicker since I got it cut last Friday.  Every morning, I find a new strand to cut.  I might grow it out a little and make it more blunt.  I came to a realization that my hair is just too thin, and it will never look as full as Zooey's.  But so far, I'm having a lot of fun with it.  I've tried wearing my hair up, half up, and have yet to try curling my hair and see how the bangs look with it.  I was afraid that my oily forehead would make my bangs look more like 5 strands, but I've been constantly powdering my forehead and hope to find a good dry shampoo. 

So, what are your thoughts?  Any tips on how to keep your bangs bangin'?

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