Tuesday, February 21, 2012

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We got a sweet bottle of Port as a gift from my brother-in-law and family.  It was delicious!  Might have to add it to our weekend rounds.

I sported some pink and cream for Valentine's Day. We dined at Gordon Biersch, and it was really good. We've tried their food before but have never actually eaten at any of their restaurants. Their drinks were yummy and there was a good variety in their made-from-scratch menu. We're definitely going back.

I bought this drawing of two frogs on a lily pad for Paul.  Here's a little background story:  In 2006, before we started going out, a group of us went out for Valentine's Day dinner.  Paul was such a gentleman and bought all the girls cards and chocolates - although I like to leave this story out as if I was the only one who got a card and chocolates.  It makes for a better story.  He did say he picked out my card though.  Anyway, mine had two frogs and it read, "my pad or yours?"  So since then, every Valentine's Day, we'd get each other something with a frog on it.  My only request was Lindor chocolates, no flowers.  I got my wish!

Last Saturday, my family and I participated in the Fight For Air Climb.  We climbed 53 flights of stairs up the Renaissance Tower in downtown Dallas, in honor of my Dad, and for those who suffered/are suffering from lung disease.  It was rough, and by the 10th floor, we were all like, "OMG, we're only on the 10th floor?"  It took me 14:27 minutes to climb the whole thing, and it felt great crossing the finish line.  Afterwards, we ate at Cafe Brazil for brunch to celebrate my Mom's birthday.

I haven't really been posting much on Instagram lately.  There are just so many things to keep up with nowadays.  Oh, not pictured, but I did see The Vow Wednesday night and it was so cute.  It was like The Notebook and Dear John combined.  I had plans for a Channing Tatum marathon Saturday night, but that fell through.  Darn! 

How was your weekend?

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