Friday, February 17, 2012

let there be light

I was supposed to post about our new lamps over a month ago, but completely forgot (I bought them on January 2nd).  As I mentioned before, my brother-in-law was going to stay with us until they found a house (they officially moved into their new home this Monday).  It gave me a good excuse to move the one and only lamp we had in our master bedroom, and buy two new lamps for our side tables.  Here it is in our guest room.

It's not too bad, but it was a little short next to our bed.  It's just the right size with my old bed and side table.  Eventually, I'll update the shade and get rid of the conehead. 

I found these lamps at Home Goods for $39.99 each.  I love the woven shades and the base (leg? body?) reminds me of bamboo.  They are the pefect height next to our bed.

And here they are together.  Paul didn't think he needed one since he doesn't read (we're still working on this).  But he was really impressed with how they turned out.  It's bright enough with both lamps on, and we don't have to use the fan light.  It gives a nice ambiance at night too.  I would love to put something above our bed, like possibly three frames, or a DIY sunburst mirror.  I need to get on that.

So there you have it.  Our new lamps and a little peek into our bedroom, where we sleep.  I think I've taken this relationship to another level!

I'd also like to wish my beautiful Mom a Happy Birthday today!  We love you!

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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