Wednesday, February 29, 2012

peace up, A-town

Sorry for being gone for a while.  I've been pretty busy with work, and last Friday, I was off to Austin for a bachelorette weekend getaway.  Unfortunately, I didn't take that many pictures, but here are a few that are blog appropriate.

We stopped at the Little Czech Bakery, off of I-35 close to Waco, to grab some kolaches.  This place is the tiniest shop and it's right next to a gas station.  It was packed both times we made a stop.  I got some sausage and cheese rolls, sausage and sauerkraut, and cream cheese kolaches.  Oh, and the picture on the right is the lady's attempt at spelling my name.  At least she got the pronunciation right!

Friday night's festivities.  It was supposed to be a slumber party, but we decided to go out to a local bar and we danced our hardest!  Sometimes, just winging it makes for a fun night. 

Saturday morning, everyone felt like crap, although you can't tell from the Bride-To-Be's smile!  Sunglasses were definitely a must that day.  We went to the spa, and it was so worth it.  I had a 45-minute massage, and a body wrap.  I've done a massage and scrub before, but have never gotten a body wrap.  They basically paint this sea salt mud on your arms, legs and back, wrap you in hot towels and put foil over you.  I really felt like a human baked potato!  My skin felt so silky smooth afterwards though. 

Some of us were done early, so we headed to South Congress (or SoCo, as Austinites would call it).  The last time Paul and I were in Austin for Labor Day weekend (read more here and here), we never made it down there because it was so freaking hot!  They had food trucks and vintage stores all lined up along the street.  Our first stop was New Bohemia, which is a retro-vintage store.  I scored a red clutch, necklace and a ring for really cheap!  We also went to Feathers Boutique which sells vintage clothing for men and women.  I think driving 3 hours from Dallas to Austin might be worth it just to go shopping!  I wish I took pictures because the weather was lovely.  I could sit out on the patio and people-watch all day.  There were so many different groups of people with such incredible, eclectic style, and everyone seemed to be out with their doggies.

We had a Mardi Gras theme Saturday night.  We ate dinner at Carlos Santana's restaurant, Maria Maria.  A trip to Austin wouldn't be complete without a stroll down 6th Street.  And no, we don't know that guy on the left, but this is what 6th Street will do to you. 

I already can't wait to be back in Austin!  I'm just blown away every time I'm there.  I hope you guys had a good weekend!


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