Wednesday, May 9, 2012

4 states in 12 hours

So my morning last Friday started out great.  I was able to sleep in a little and got to the airport at 9am.  Way too early for my 11:35am connecting flight to Memphis, TN.  I even got lucky and the guy next to me offered me his window seat.  Of course, I took some pictures while we were up in the air. 

We land in Memphis, and while I'm still on the plane, I turn my phone on and find two missed calls, two voicemails, and this in my email:

After I made a few phone calls, and spoke to other people who were also on the same flight, I found out that they rerouted us to yet another connecting flight to Atlanta, GA.  From there, we take another flight to Jacksonville, FL and will be arriving at midnight (when the original arrival time was 5:30pm).  Fabulous.  They did give us a $25 voucher, which really, wasn't enough if you're stuck in the airport for 6 hours.  I did entertain myself by taking pictures of some beautiful art and of Elvis. 

Hubba hubba!

I managed to eavesdrop on some phone conversations too.  There was this one doctor basically telling whoever was on the other line the procedures of how their hospital handles a patient in the ER, etc.  I felt like I was on an episode of Grey's Anatomy.  On my layover in Atlanta, there was this lady sitting behind me and was complaining to someone that she just found out that her husband was engaged to someone else!  No offense to that lady, but I felt a little better about my situation!

Finally, I take my third flight out at 10:20pm EST, and arrive in Jacksonville, FL at 12am on Saturday.  What a waste of a day.  My short trip was cut even shorter.  But there are worse things that could have happened.  Glad I got there safely.  And I had a great time with the family!  More pics on my next post! 

By the way, cause of the flight cancellation - "unknown" damage to the plane.  WHATEV!  (Rant over)

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