Wednesday, February 13, 2013

stool update

No, this post is not about my recent bowel movements and how my stool is looking these days.  Although I did just have a good morning session today.  Yummy!  Ok ok, i'll stop.

I've been enjoying our new kitchen island since we've moved in and have been using our old bar stools, which were too high.  I figured it was time to invest in some new stools so I can have the full "island" experience.  I turned to World Market for some options, since we had such a success with these head chairs almost exactly the same time last year.  I wanted to take advantage of their furniture sale and my 15% off coupon. 

Here are two stools that caught my eye.

I loved the pattern on the first stool, but I was afraid I'd change my mind later on down the line.  I finally went with the Elana Counter Stool for its natural look.  Originally, I bought the bar stools.  I took one home and realized that it was too tall, so I went back and bought the counter stools and they were the perfect height.

Here it is next to our old bar stool.  The seat on the bar stool measures at 29 inches tall while the counter stools are at 24 inches.

I like the herringbone weave detail and how versatile these chairs can be.  I especially like how it gives the kitchen somewhat of a beachy feel - exactly what I'm going for.  And as for comfort, they're not too bad.  It might leave marks on my thunder thighs though when I wear shorts, but we'll deal with that come summertime.  My Mom is also doubtful that they will last very long, but they seem pretty sturdy.  They did come fully assembled which was a bonus.  So far, I'm enjoying them.  I try to sit on a different chair every morning so that each chair gets equal amount of love time (yes, this is my way of entertaining myself). 

So what do you think?  When I get the chance, I'll try and give you a glimpse of our new home.  It will be a work in progress for a while and I'd love to share future plans and projects with you.  Stay tuned.


  1. I really like it! Have you ever though of adding cushions? You can probably make them yourself, which then it won't make marks on your thunder thighs. ;-) hahaha

    Also, I totally LOL'd when you talked about your stool in the beginning. haha

    1. Hmm haven't thought of adding cushions. One of my goals this year is to actually open my sewing machine that we got as a wedding present two years ago, so we'll see! You know from experience how my stool can ruin a perfectly good toilet! Hahahaha!


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