Wednesday, November 30, 2011

we got our feast on

It was a lot of fun decorating our house for our Thanksgiving feast.  With our new furniture, I had more room to play with. 

Lately, I've been obsessed with sunburst mirrors/anything.  I found this piece at Ross with no plans of where to put it, until now.  The pumpkins were from Halloween and I brought two of them in from our bench outside.  You can tell it's the two on the left because they're starting to look a little warped.  The branch below the mirror was from our walk in the woods back in Houston a few weeks ago.  I added some pine cones that I saved from last year's Christmas decorations to give the console some warmth. 

Since I was off on Wednesday, I went to Home Goods and Ross to get some last minute accessories.  The room needed some light, and the first thing I suggested was this floor lamp.  It provides warm lighting and a side table, just what we were looking for.  Then I found this lamp at Home Goods for $39.99.  Cheaper than a floor lamp, and I love its simplicity.  Plus, we already had a side table which we bought for our family room, but couldn't quite fit both of them in the space.  I found three glass pumpkins at Ross at a discount, and set one on top of colorful books.  Ross the Owl is now beaming between two framed pics.  The pillows are from Home Goods.  I love the texture on the white pillows, and Paul likes them too!  The striped ones are Ralph Lauren and they actually have a square-ish pattern on the other side.

Our table setting for the evening.

Sorry for the picture overload.  I did end up buying Miss Paisley, the table runner.  The candlesticks were on sale at Z Gallerie earlier this year, and I bought them knowing hoping that I will have a dining table someday.  Our plates and place mats were wedding presents, all from Target.  The green vase was a Goodwill find for about a dollar or two.  I added a bag of black beans as a filler.  I wish I could take credit for the wreath, but this was purchased at Home Goods about two years ago, and I remembered I had it.  A quick centerpiece makeover! 

Good news, our chairs will be here this Saturday!

And now, the loves of my life.

My beautiful Mom and my sister in front of the food. 

My brother Topet (or Kristoffer) and his girlfriend Jennifer. 

You know these two. 

This was taken when I was trying to set up the timer on the camera.  Bailey must have done something - again. 

Ahh, better.  Besides me looking like I just woke up, notice anything here?  I'll give you a hint - wine bottle.  Hah!  And speaking of wine bottle, something else is wrong with this picture - wine glasses are empty! Tsk Tsk.

She's always getting yelled at, humph!

I can't believe it's already December 1st tomorrow.  Our house is already looking like Christmas! 


  1. too cute! I really like how you put a "T" as a paper weight....details! details! DETAILS!! loving your style there.

  2. Thank you! It's from Anthropologie. You can actually hang it on the wall, but I can't commit yet so it's just laying on the table.


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